In recent years, there has been growing concern over highway traffic noise and its effects on surrounding households. Studies have shown that some of the most pervasive sources of noise in our environment today are those associated with transportation. Traffic noise tends to be a dominant noise source in our urban as well as rural environment. Noise pollution affects our mental and physical well being.

In response to this growing environmental noise concern, Beta Shield (M) Sdn Bhd undertakes the effort to provide effective noise shielding to dwellings and ensure living comfort. Beta Shield (M) Sdn Bhd specializes in providing turnkey solutions for your traffic noise problems. Technical details are thoroughly examined by in house acoustic engineers to ensure effectiveness of noise barrier design.

Beta Shield (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in Year 2002 presenting a solid team in terms of providing wholesome solutions for noise barriers.

Our team members, prior to the formation of Beta Shield (M) Sdn Bhd, had been working in various projects/assignments as specialist installers, noise consultant as well as manufacturer.

Beta Shield (M) Sdn Bhd has vast experience in design, installation and construction of noise barrier wall via prior involvement of the team in their previous involvements.

Over the years, due to market demand, Security Fencing and Acoustic Wall systems for plant rooms are included in our budding product ranges.

Our extended range of acoustical blocks (absorptive and diffusive) provide useful alternative for barrier designer to achieve pleasant visual effect on top of the functional requirements.


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